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New student council lays out plans for Telford College

Telford College’s newly elected student council says it is looking to build strong links between staff and students, and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to express themselves.

Members of the newly elected Telford College student council at the Wellington campus

The council is headed by two A-Level students - president V Chittaril and vice president Callum Harbour – with members from other areas of the college including business and digital, health and early years, engineering, and foundation learning.

Abi Azumah and Agata Wrobel are equality diversity and inclusion officers, Daniel Gill and George Holloway are focusing on LGBTQ+ issues, and Grace Page and Kirsty Kennedy are taking on issues of environment and health & safety.

Kieran Broadhurst and Brooke Spence have a communication and marketing brief, Mikey Timmins and Mitchell Hodgkinson are enrichment officers, Melisse Cumming is looking after fundraising, and Kiran Kennedy is healthy lifestyles and wellbeing officer.

Among the early items on the council’s agenda for the coming year are promoting more events and extra-curricular clubs, and acting as ‘a megaphone for the rest of the student body’ to raise suggestions and concerns.

V said: “It’s very important that students get the chance to influence what happens here at Telford College.

“I hope that we can play a role in making people’s lives a bit better during their time at the college. Students don’t always feel comfortable talking to teachers about everything – it’s easier to talk to someone your own age.

“We are able to speak to people on a level that staff often can’t. If people have any concerns which we can raise on their behalf, they can just come to us.”

Callum said: “The student council should be representative of the college as a whole, and I think that’s what we’ve got. We can work collaboratively to make things happen.

“We want to influence things positively, to promote this college and make it even better than it already is. It’s great to have the opportunity. This is an educational place, but it is also a community where teachers and students need to be working together.”

Rosie Baldwin-Jones, Telford College’s enrichment co-ordinator, said: “The Student Council exists to help share ideas, interests, and concerns with staff and governors. It is a vital link between tutors, curriculum leaders, and students.

“The council also gets involved in a range of enrichment and fundraising activities, and gives all of its members valuable experience in areas such as democracy, and leadership.”