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School pupil wins competition to name street on new village development

A street in a new development near Shrewsbury has been named by an 11-year-old pupil from the village primary school.

Oakmeadow assistant headteacher Helen Morris, with Oliver Evans, Cornovii senior development officer Meg Anderson and Shingler Group site manager Paul Tunnah

Shropshire Council’s wholly-owned house building company, Cornovii Developments Ltd, invited pupils at Oakmeadow Primary School in Bayston Hill to enter a competition to choose a name for a street at the new nearby village development.

A total of 23 new homes are set for construction at the Oaklands site in Bayston Hill.

Oliver Evans, a year six pupil at the school, was inspired by the development's wooded setting and suggested the winning name, Tree Top Avenue.

Mrs Helen Morris, assistant head at Oakmeadow Primary School, said: “We are delighted our pupils were invited to take part in this competition. Oliver suggested a bright and cheerful name for the street and it is an honour for him to have won and us to have been involved in the project.”

Meg Anderson, Cornovii’s senior development officer, visited the school to present Oliver with a prize shopping voucher.

She said: “We’d like to thank all the pupils and teachers who got involved in our competition and say a special thanks to Oliver who did a great job choosing our charming new street name. He has made his place in the local history of this village.”

The Oaklands will comprise of two one-bedroom bungalows, seven semi-detached two-bedroom homes including two two-bedroom bungalows, 12 semi-detached three-bedroom houses and two four-bedroom properties, one of which will be detached.

All the homes will benefit from solar panels, electric vehicle charging points and air-source heat pumps. Access to the development will be off Glebe Road.

Cornovii Developments will also pay a Section 106 contribution of £75,000 to improve sports facilities in the village, and will create two areas of open public space and two affordable homes under the agreement.

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