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School takes action to improve dinners after kids share 'nuked' pizza and cup of 'mulch' pics

A school has insisted "significant investment" has been made for school dinners after children shared pictures of "nuked" pizza and cups of red "mulch".

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A burnt slice of pizza which a parent says was served up to his son

Parents have hit out at Meole Brace School in Shrewsbury over its lunchtime offerings to children, which they claim are leaving some so hungry they "empty the cupboards" when they get home.

The school's headteacher said some of the issues have been down to staffing pressures, but insists the situation is improving. He added that £40,000 is being spent on new kitchen equipment and the school is going to be getting its own baker. He also said school staff regularly eat food from the canteen.

It comes after the father of one boy in year 11 said parents may be forced to turn up to the school gates and pass nutritious food through the barriers - similar to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's school dinners campaign.

He shared a picture of his son took of a burnt pizza, with a friend holding another black food item in the background.

"This was not a one off," he said. "A lot of the kids have been complaining. He comes home every day and empties the cupboards, starving.

"The school said sorry and offered him a free meal but I'm sorry, it's not good enough.