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Mum still looking for school in Shropshire for her autistic son after facing a year of rejections

A mum-of-four from Shropshire is still looking for a specialist school for her son, one year after she was told his current placement could no longer meet his needs.

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Naomi Reynolds, from Shifnal, said she has approached a number of independent schools in the county over the last 12 months to find a place for her 11-year-old son Ashton Smith.

Ashton, who is autistic, non-verbal and has a learning delay, currently attends a specialist school in Shropshire and is supported by a local residential care setting.

But last year, Naomi claims she was informed by the school that they could no longer meet Ashton's needs and that an alternative place would need to be found for him.

Ashton, 11

One year on, and despite the support from family, the residential home where Ashton receives care, Shropshire Council and the CAMHS team (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), a school still hasn't been found.