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Boy goes to school in a skirt in protest at summer shorts ban during heatwave

A Shropshire schoolboy has gone to school in a skirt after boys were barred from wearing shorts during the current heatwave.

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Oliver in his school skirt

Oliver Heaton, 13, borrowed a female friend's skirt on Thursday, after St Martin's School near Oswestry stopped boys wearing shorts during the sweltering temperatures.

The Year 8 pupil said the current school policy that allowed girls to wear skirts or trousers but doesn't allow boys to wear shorts was "unfair".

Oliver's mum, Sophie Heaton, said her son decided to make a stand after some of his friends were given detention for turning up in shorts.

"Several of his mates were given detention because they turned up on Wednesday in shorts but Oliver said it was unfair as the girls can wear either skirts or trousers," she said.