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Calls for donations for forest school improvements

A Shropshire teacher is calling for donations to help her improve her forest school classroom.


Rosie Sherry, Year Three and Year Four teacher and Forest School Ranger at Highley Primary School, is asking for donations of any outdoor equipment that would be useful for her pupils. This could include tree stumps for sitting on, gardening tools, fire wood, tyres and ropes for swings or anything else people feel would benefit.

Rosie said: "We have just had a donation of fire wood from the Friends of Stanmore Country Park, so thank you to them.

"The forest school is just about having the experience of being in a different environment. It also helps children who don't do so well in the classroom. They just come alive outside, and they count down the days until they can go back.

"I'm trying to be the teacher I wish I had. Mental health is massive at the moment, and being out in green spaces definitely helps."

In the forest school, the children play and learn in a different type of classroom. Already they have a couple of small trees that were donated in recent years, they have a digging pit, a fire circle and a willow tree tunnel, but Rosie is looking to expand and improve it.

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