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A summer of celebration at LCT

The Learning Community Trust has three Telford secondary schools under its umbrella – Hadley Learning Community (HLC), Charlton and Ercall Wood.

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The schools are all well-led by passionate headteachers and senior teams, and fully staffed with specialist teachers in all areas of the curriculum.

They also employ a wide range of pastoral staff and teaching assistants to focus on care and support for young people.

It has been a summer of celebration for all three schools, where students have achieved spectacular GCSE results success.

Sciences are among the top performing subject areas at Ercall Wood

At Charlton, more than 70 per cent achieved grades 9-4 in English and maths, and the top 25 students averaged grade seven or above in all 10 of their subjects. They were the school’s best-ever GCSE results.

HLC also recorded its best-ever GCSE results in the ‘core’ English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects - English, maths, science, foreign language, history and geography.

And strong subject areas at Ercall Wood included geography, sciences and art – with the school seeing its highest ever number of top-level grade nine passes.

Dr Gill Eatough, executive principal and chief executive of the Trust, says: “We are very fortunate that each of our schools has a superb, modern building, well-equipped and resourced to deliver a 21st century education.

Taking pride in progress – the Charlton School

“The Trust believes fundamentally that our schools serve our communities, and that parents choose one of our secondary schools because it is a good, local school.

“We are committed to supporting and challenging our schools to be the very best that they can be, and providing a high-quality education right across the ability range – from our high-flying students, to those who need more help and support to do well.”

She adds: “I do hope you will take the opportunity to visit our schools over the next few weeks – our open evenings and open days are a chance to experience what we have to offer you as parents, and your child, as they make this important transition to secondary school.

“I will be attending each open evening, and look forward to meeting you, and answering any questions you might have.”

Charlton School

All smiles for Ryan Smith and Robert Findlay on GCSE results day

Charlton School knows the importance of inspiring students to develop a thirst for learning, with a broad and rich curriculum matched to individual needs, and encouraging independence.

Principal Andy McNaughton says: “Our aim is to provide an environment in which all students can succeed, and we take great pride in students’ progress.

“Our ethos is built upon our three core values . . . Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.”

Learning opportunities are not just confined to the classroom.

Charlton has an excellent reputation for extra-curricular opportunities in all subjects – especially sport, expressive arts and foreign language trips to France and Germany.

Around 200 students take part in an annual show, and there is also an active choir, orchestra, and several dance groups.

Mr McNaughton says: “Open week activities are a perfect chance to visit our fantastic new school building, and to show how our team can make a positive difference to your child’s learning and development.

“But you are also welcome to visit us at another time, if it is more convenient.”

Ercall Wood

Students Katie Jarvis and Sydney Cattell with principal Chay Davis

Ercall Wood has established an excellent reputation within the community for the care and support it offers to students – and its popularity means it has been over-subscribed for five years.

Success is achieved through a focus on both academic and emotional welfare, and a belief that everyone can thrive if they feel cared for, safe, and have a clear understanding of purpose.

So how is this achieved?

Principal Chay Davis explains: “Support is provided through an excellent pastoral system, with staff that care about our children.

“Teaching is built around a clear framework based on proven principles of best practice, in our purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility. Pupils report that they enjoy their learning, and are happy at school. Learning needs are supported through a well resourced, highly qualified and caring team of experts within the special educational needs and disability (SEND) department.”

Mr Davis says Ercall Wood’s membership of the Learning Community Trust has provided ‘an unprecedented level of investment and collaboration’ which has improved learning experiences for all children.

Hadley Learning Centre

Happy with their GCSE results, Aprille Rose and Yolanda Young

After their most recent visit to HLC, Ofsted inspectors said: “Nothing is left to chance in this ambitious school, which is strongly led, but with sensitivity.”

Principal Paul Roberts says: “We believe they have captured the essence of our school and its staff. HLC is the heart of the local community and a beacon of brilliance, providing a first-class education to each and every one of its children.”

Academically, HLC has been in the national top 100 schools for the past three years, with attainment levels consistently above the national average.

“It has a particular focus on performing arts and sport, and an outstanding career programme."

Highly trained and highly experienced learning support assistants specialise in their support of SEND and Gifted & Talented learners.

Mr Roberts says: “Our children feel valued and are therefore empowered to succeed, both in school and in life beyond the classroom.

“They take great pride in our superb facilities, and work harmoniously together to maintain the high standards we all expect from our young adults.”