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Hundreds sign Abraham Darby Academy name change petition

More than 1,800 people have now signed an online petition against plans to change the name of a school in Telford.

Abraham Darby Academy in Madeley

Abraham Darby Academy, in Madeley, wants to change its name to Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby to reflect its ‘historic links’.

It comes after Adams’ Grammar School in Newport announced it will become Haberdashers’ Adams from the New Year.

Abraham Darby Academy’s principal Lee Hadley said the school would be changing its name in order to strengthen and highlight its partnership with Adams’ Grammar School. He said it would also link the school more obviously with other Haberdashers’ schools across the country and emphasise the role of Haberdashers’ Company, an ancient merchant guild of London.

The change is expected to happen next month.

More than 1,810 people have now signed a petition at against the planned name change.

The petition was launched by Marcus Keane, of Telford.

Supporters signing the petition recently have included Jill Williams, of Leegomery, Telford, who wrote: “The school is named after a local person who has a huge place in history. Why would you change it. It’s an honour. Leave it alone.”

Sarah Bourn, of Telford, said: “Abraham Darby would be losing hundreds years worth of history by changing it’s name.”

Doreen Thomas, of Shrewsbury, also wrote: “I am proud of Shropshire’s heritage and, although the Haberdashers are sponsoring the school, there is no need for a change of name.”

Hazel Garbett, of Horsehay, said: “We must keep his memory alive for future generations.”

Matthew Bailey, of Telford, added: “To take the name from the school is a disrespect for a man who did a lot for this community.” The petition can be found at: