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Staffy tore chunk out of 12-year-old Shrewsbury schoolboy's leg, causing 'very horrific' injury

A woman has been banned from owning dogs after her Staffordshire Bull Terrier tore a chunk out of a schoolboy's leg.

File photo of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The 12-year-old victim was left in a wheelchair after the incident in Shrewsbury, and has faced cruel taunts from peers at school who have "barked" at him, sang "who let the dogs out" and labelled him "kebab leg".

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that it was the second time the dog had attacked the boy, and the owner had only changed her mind about having the animal put down previously on the advice of a police officer, who told her control measures could be put in place.

In the first incident, the dog bite was only a "nip", but the second attack had far more disastrous consequences.

It was May 31, 2021, when two schoolboys had been having a water fight outside. The boys went inside to fill up water balloons but, after the dog had seemingly been secured, it broke free.

The victim tried to get away as the animal chased him down, and he tried to shut a door, but the dog's head became jammed in it.

Rather than keep trying to shut the door, the boy let go and ran.

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