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Drink drive arrest at 'death risk' Telford road after campaigners held safety summit

A motorist was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after police carried out a traffic operation at a "death risk" road.

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Police carried out a traffic operation in Finger Road, Dawley, Telford. Picture: Telford Police

Residents of Dawley, Telford, recently held a summit at The White Horse pub over concerns about traffic in Finger Road, where they say there have been a number of near misses.

West Mercia Police issued an update in the early hours of this morning, saying officers carried out an operation in the area.

"E Shift response has completed a traffic operation on Finger Road, Dawley," said Telford Police on Twitter. "47 cars were stopped, six breath tests were completed, and four traffic offence reports were issued for tyres under the legal tread depth of 1.6mm. One drink driver arrested."

A car flipped over a barrier in a previous accident outside The White Horse pub

It comes after the September meeting, where around 20 residents met councillors and council officials to discuss what could be done do increase safety.

Resident Chad Davies said there have been three shocking recent crashes including a five-car pile up in the narrow residential road, and one where a car ploughed into an outside area of a pub where smokers usually stand.

"In January the impact of one of the collisions pushed cars with their handbrakes on up the road and caused so much damage to mine that it was in for repairs for weeks," said Mr Davies. "The airbags in three of the cars went off.

"The driver was ushered away and a dog, which was insecurely in the car, was fine."

Ahead of their meeting over Dawley traffic concerns in September are Collette Norry in the wheelchair, Chad Davies, Stephen Norry, Graham Norry, Henry Crookshank from The White Horse pub, Angela Lewis, Rob Wright, Kate Jones

He added: "In another incident about two and a half months ago a drink driver's car span round 360 degrees and went up a ramp outside the White Horse pub. It was raining and there were no smokers there at the time."

He said the situation is the worst he has seen it in the 22 years he has been living in the area.

Mr Davies said he thinks the main issue is that when the Eastern Primary was closed for roadworks drivers found Finger Road to be a shorter route. There is also a chicane-style road layout which residents say makes matters worse.