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'There is no need': Fly-tippers warned after man who dumped rubbish in cardboard box is told to pay

A council is asking residents to play their part in "the fight against fly-tipping" after a man who dumped a box of rubbish in the street was taken to court and told to pay up.

The box that had been dumped in St Georges. Photo: Telford & Wrekin Council

Telford resident Craig Bond pleaded guilty to dumping rubbish in a cardboard box (pictured) outside his home in St Georges last year.

He claimed he did it after his bin was stolen - though the council says he has not yet requested a new one.

Bond, who is 35, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure household waste was disposed of properly and was told earlier this week to pay £400 - less than half of what it cost the council to prepare the case against him.

After he was sentenced, a spokesperson for the council said: "It is our job to ensure people understand the law around fly-tipping and to make sure those who break it are held accountable.

"The decision of the court is fair, although we believe the [financial order] should have at least covered the cost of clean-up.

"Telford & Wrekin Council takes environmental crime extremely seriously, our officers are diligent in their enforcement work and will issue fines for rubbish dumped on the street wherever possible.

"Everyone has a responsibility for getting rid of their waste properly – this is their duty of care – and we will take action to punish those who fail to do so.

"Residents who need a new bin can request one by contacting customer services by visiting the website at There is no need for waste to be dumped on the street – no matter the size - and to help residents get rid of large items, the council offers a bulky waste collection service which is free or discounted for eligible people.

"The borough’s two household recycling centres (HRCs) are open seven days a week, 9am to 5pm, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Garden waste can also be taken to the HRCs and there is a year-round, fortnightly, free green bin collection.

"Residents can help in the fight against fly-tipping by calling the council’s confidential on if they have information that could identify an offender.

"Fly-tips can also be reported on the MyTelford app and to help put a stop to fly-tipping the council has launched Telford and Wrekin Watch. CCTV is used in appeals for information along with a confidential number to help identify offenders.

"If you have information that could identify an offender call 01952 388800 or sign up for updates."

The spokesperson added: "Mr Bond is yet to request a new bin."

Council prosecutor Miss Ashleigh Pennill told Telford Magistrates Court on Monday that bringing the case against Bond, of Hollybirch Grove, had cost the council £897.21.