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'It's impossible': Man who couldn't get to unpaid work days on north Shropshire buses is fined

A man said he failed to attend court issued work appointments because north Shropshire's poor public transport options made it "physically impossible" for him to get to them.

Kelvin Simpson was summoned to Telford Magistrates Court

Kelvin Simpson, 28, said that even if he left home in Market Drayton at 6am it would be impossible to make it to his unpaid work appointments at 9am in Ellesmere.

He is reliant on public transport as he "can't afford" taxis and does not drive, having been banned from the roads earlier this year for failing to provide a breath sample to police when suspected to have driven a vehicle.

Simpson was sentenced at Telford Magistrates Court on June 13 and ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work, after he failed to provide a breath specimen for analysis on May 8 in Shrewsbury.

On Monday he was summonsed back to the same court having missed unpaid work appointments in August and September.