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WATCH: Van driver's dangerous overtake on cyclist as lorry approaches caught on camera

A cyclist's helmet camera captured the moment a van driver dangerously overtook them, forcing an oncoming haulier to sound his horn - has been up in court.

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Helmet footage captured the moment David Pope narrowly avoided a cyclist while overtaking as a lorry came towards him. Photo: Dyfed-Powys Police

Footage shows a Mercedes Sprinter van driven by David Pope narrowly missing the cyclist who was trying to avoid a pothole on the A483 near Four Crosses, Llandysilio, on January 30, just as an articulated lorry was approaching.

In the charge, the 35-year-old was said to have not allowed 'sufficient distance been him and the cyclist', adding: "The standard of driving of the defendant fell well below that of a reasonable and competent driver and he was driving without reasonable consideration for other persons using that road."

He admitted driving without due care and attention when he appeared in court in August and was sentenced in Welshpool Magistrates on September 12.

Pope, from Caldecott Crescent, Whitchurch, was fined £176 and had his driving licence endorsed with four penalty points.

He was also ordered to pay £110 costs and a £70 surcharge.

The footage was submitted to Dyfed-Powyos Police as part of Operation Snap's GoSfafe campaign to improve road safety which allows people to report and submit footage of potential traffic offences.

A spokesperson for the force said: "As two-wheeled transport becomes more popular, safer interaction between cars, bicycles, and motorcycles is reliant on co-operation and a greater awareness from drivers regarding the presence of less protected road users.

"Operation Snap took positive action against 1562 ‘close pass’ incidents in 2022. This highlights that there is still a need to educate road users on safely overtaking cyclists and other vulnerable road users. A good tip is to overtake cyclists in the same way as another vehicle, in a suitable location, ensuring that the 1.5 metre minimum gap is maintained between the cyclist or road user and the vehicle."