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Police issue 'polite but firm' advice amid reports of 'Nottingham Knocker'

Police say there has been a report of a 'Nottingham Knocker' near Oswestry.

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Nottingham Knockers go door-to-door selling items and Oswestry police say there has been a report from the Morda area near Oswestry.

PCSO Kurt Mabe, of the Oswestry central safer neighbourhood team, said: "Please be aware that we have had a report - only one - of a gentleman attending a house trying to sell goods to support ex-offenders on Croeswyllan Lane area.

"If you wish to purchase any of these goods please do so, but be aware that you can buy the same goods cheaper and elsewhere."

The officer said such individuals usually leave peacefully if people are "polite but firm".

PCSO Mabe added: "If you don`t wish to buy any goods, be polite but firm and tell him you don`t need any goods at this time. Thank him for his time and they usually leave peacefully."

PCSO Mabe advised members of the public to call 101 and report any concerns quoting log 00260_I_25052023.