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Police set to seize e-scooters after Telford incidents where people 'almost knocked down'

Police say they will be seizing e-scooters if they see them being ridden around Telford after several members of the public "have almost been knocked down".

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It is currently illegal to ride electric scooters in public areas in most of UK

The pavement perils have been a particular problem in Hadley, say officers, who are repeating messages that they are in fact illegal to use on public roads and land.

PC Kate Medlam, of the policing team covering Hadley and Leegomery, said: "We want to remind residents that e-scooters are illegal [to ride on public roads and land].

"We will be seizing anyone caught in the area."

Information sent to residents in the area says police have received numerous reports of young people riding around Hadley on electric scooters.

On several occasions, they say, members of the public have almost been knocked down.

The message to residents adds: "Although they may seem like a great gift idea, they are however illegal to use on pavements, cycle lanes and on public roads.

"They are legal to buy and own in the UK but can only be used on private land.

"They are currently classed as ‘powered transporters’ by the Government and fall under the same laws and regulations that apply to all motor vehicles.

"The Safer Neighbourhood Team are working to keep the area safe and will take swift action against people of any age using an e-scooter in areas they are not permitted."

And officers add that once they have been seized, they will be hanging on to them because they "never comply with release criteria as they cannot get insurance on them".

They say: "The only time we release back is if they are part of a government scheme - like the Redditch one - to the owner.

Any incidents with e-scooters in the area can be reported to the Hadley & Leegomery Safer Neighbourhood Team via email or in an emergency call 999.

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