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Mysterious case of woman's disappearance 'remains open' 32 years after she vanished

Police have confirmed the case of an antiques dealer who went missing more than three decades ago 'remains open'.

Trevaline Evans disappeared in Llangollen in June 1990

Thursday marks 32 years since Trevaline Evans disappeared without trace.

Aged 52 at the time, she left a note pinned to her antique shop in Llangollen at lunchtime on June 16, 1990, saying she would be back in two minutes.

Her handbag and jacket were left in her shop and her car parked 30 yards away.

But she never returned and, despite extensive police searches and exhaustive inquires, her disappearance has remained a complete mystery ever since. No body has ever been found.

North Wales Police this week confirmed that they remain interested to hear from anyone who may have new information about the case and would review any unresolved cases should fresh evidence come to light.

Appeal poster for Trevaline Evans.

A spokeswoman for the force said: "We regard all unsolved cases as remaining open.

"Anybody with any substantial new information is encouraged to make contact with the force on 101, or via the website."

Mrs Evans' case featured on BBC's Crimewatch TV programme with reconstructions, but her fate still remains a mystery.

Every household in Llangollen, as well as scores of people from further afield, were interviewed at the time of her disappearance.

More than 1,500 names were checked and about 700 cars were eliminated from the inquiry while searches of the River Dee, the canal and caves in the area found nothing.


In January 2001, the case was reopened by police in the hope new forensic techniques would suggest fresh evidence.

Speaking to the Shropshire Star that year, Mrs Evans’ brother, Len Davies, said : “We have been in a limbo for the past 11 years, with no answer as to why Trevaline disappeared.

“We have to keep in mind that there is always hope,” he said. “The intensity of those feelings may have lessened over the years, but they are still there.”

The case was re-examined in 2010 on the 20th anniversary of Mrs Evans' disappearance.