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Police commissioner calls for more areas to sign up for Smartwater

West Mercia's police and crime commissioner is calling on more areas to adopt the use of Smartwater.

Property marked with Smartwater

Many areas in West Mercia still have low take-up, so John Campion is encouraging more areas to sign up to the award-winning We Don’t Buy Crime and Smartwater initiatives to deter criminals and make residents homes and businesses safer.

Smartwater is a water-based solution that is unique to each bottle. This allows properties to be marked and enables the police to identify the owner of the property, and potentially the offender too.

Mr Campion has supported parish councils and contributed 25 per cent towards the cost of Smartwater, which has led to nearly 60,000 homes being registered on the scheme across West Mercia since the implementation of the We Don’t Buy Crime project in November 2015.

“Many people that have used Smartwater, and are now living in a We Don’t Buy Crime area feel more reassured," said Mr Campion.

"I am proud to support this project as it not only continues my commitment to reduce crime but also helps our community feel safer and I encourage you to sign up through your local parish council or contact

"This scheme not only contribute to reducing crime but will provide a further opportunity for us all to work together and make our communities feel safer.”

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