Shropshire Star

Three vehicle fires overnight in Telford

Emergency services were called to a car fire in Telford in the early hours of this morning.


It was one of a number of vehicle fires that have happened around the area in the past 24 hours.

A fire crew from Wellington, accompanied by police and a fire investigation officer were called to Kinglsand in Arleston at 2.53am today.

Using hoses, the fire was put out by 3.20am.

Earlier in the night, on the A41 north of Pickmere Island, fire crews were also called to deal with a HGV on fire.

Four of its tyres had been punctured by hot brakes, and crews from Albrighton and Telford Central stations used hoses to cool the breaks.

The fire service was called just after 9.30pm and left the scene at 10.53pm.

Crews were also called to Chiltern Gardens in Dawley just after 9pm, to a fire involving a hatchback car, which was entirely damaged by the blaze.

It was extinguished by crews from Wellington by about 9.30pm.