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Mystery saboteur plants broken glass on Shropshire path

Walkers and riders are being put in danger by a saboteur who is laying broken glass, tins, branches and twine along a public footpath near Much Wenlock.


Police and council officers are calling for information over dangerous items laid out on a bridleway in the countryside that could result in serious injury for people or animals trying to use it.

The route, which runs from the A458 near Muckley Cross towards Shirlett and the Willey estate, has seen repeated attempts to block it, but the latest efforts are extremely serious, said rider Chris Bond, 61.

He said he and partner Maxine Sheldon had discovered what were clearly deliberate and dangerous attempts at sabotage along the path, which he and some friends had now cleared.

He said: "We walked up there with a couple of pals and couldn't believe what we were looking at. It's really serious. It's a mess up there," he said.

He said it was a danger to ramblers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders alike.

The rider said that it was not the first time he had seen broken glass, but that he and others initially thought it might simply be irresponsible fly-tipping.

"Someone's been throwing broken bottles up the path and digging foot-deep holes," he said, adding that twine had also been strung up at head height along the path.

"It's definitely deliberate because one bottle had been broken and the neck wedged in the ground.

"If some one was walking with their dog it could easily slice a dog's foot open. If a horse was to put its leg in one of those holes and trip it would snap like a twig.

"It's a legal right of way that we can go up there. Somebody's being really spiteful over this. We don't know who it is but it's definitely someone local."

He said the issue had been reported to Telford Bridleways Association, Shropshire Council and West Mercia Police.

Shona Butter, Shropshire Council's rights of way mapping and enforcement officer, said the route was opened up by the council recently after a public enquiry.

She said: "Unfortunately, there have been instances since it was opened up, particularly at the northern end, where an individual or individuals have been deliberately cutting down trees to block the route, digging holes, placing glass on the route and tin cans.

"All instances have been reported to the police."

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