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Fly-tippers leave cider orchard owners with expensive clear-up bill

Fly-tippers have left the owners of a cider orchard with an expensive mess to get rid of.


An orchard in Wern, near Pool Quay, Welshpool, was targeted by fly-tippers with about 50 black and red bags of moss, grit and earth left in the entrance, along with old slates and some pieces of wood.

John Jenkins, who runs Old Monty's Cider, started the orchard seven years ago. He said: "We've planted about 300 apple and pear trees for our cider business and we've got it really nice now.

"This mess is absolutely terrible. It's going to cost us a lot of money to get rid of the waste. There's no need for it. No need for it at all." Powys County Council is investigating the fly-tipping.

Councillor John Powell said: "Fly-tipping makes our county look untidy and requires a large sum of taxpayers' money to clear up each year.

"It is also a nuisance, hazardous and is an illegal act punishable through the courts.

"Environmental health officers have visited the site to look for evidence in the rubbish which consists mostly of roofing and building waste.

"If anybody has any information that could assist with our investigation into this incident, then please contact our environmental health team on 0845 602 7037 or e-mail:

"Fly-tipping incidents can also be reported via our website or by calling 01597 826000."

Sue Newham, of Keep Wales Tidy, also visited the orchard and said: "Small businesses in Mid Wales have a hard enough job making ends meet. Having to bear the extra expense and worry of dealing with dumped waste makes life really difficult for them."

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