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'Deluded' Telford man jailed for indecent images

A Telford man who "deluded" himself by claiming he was downloading indecent images to report to Google has been jailed for 20 months.


Matthew Stanley was previously given a second chance after being given a community order in 2014 for possessing almost 2,000 indecent images of children and extreme adult pornography on his computer, Shrewsbury Crown Court heard.

As part of this three-year community order Stanley was subject to spot checks.

Samantha Powis, prosecuting, said it was during a spot-check that more than 200 indecent images were found on Stanley's computer. Stanley, 29, of Steventon Road, Wellington, admitted three offences of possessing the images, but said he had them so he could report them to Google.

She said: "The defendant insisted that he was downloading the pictures to report to Google. When his laptop was seized it was found to have child abuse search terms.

"On interview he said he was confused about it and that he had been on a mission to rid the internet of the pictures.

"As part of the Sexual Prevention Order he was forbidden to have any history deleting software. It was found he had a file shedder but he said he only used that for banking statements and online gaming."

Dean Easthope, mitigating, said Stanley was a troubled young man who had been subject to abuse as a young child which had long lasting effects on him.

Mr Easthope told the court: "This gentleman has lots of unresolved issues and needs psychological help. He has tried to confront his issues and asked the community mental health team for help. This is a situation he does not want to be in."

However, Judge Jim Tindal said Stanley had been given a second chance, and he had "blown it".

Sentencing Stanley he said he was conscious he was sentencing a young man who had been "damaged by experiences".

"That is why you were given a community order before with lots of help," he said.

"The hope was you would take that help and deal with things but that did not work.

"You had a spot check and were dishonest when images were found. You deluded yourself and others that you were on a mission to rid the internet of these pictures.

"You are fascinated by these images and it has become entrenched. No amount of help from probation has stopped this.

"The reality is the time has come to reflect on what has happened and you have run out of chances.

"I don't think you have reached a stage of maturity where you can take control of this.

"In prison I hope you have the chance to reflect and sole search so you can be honest with yourself and come out and face your demons. If not and you re-offend you will be going back to prison for a long time."

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