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'Electricity and water don't mix': Residents remain opposed to flood zone battery plan after tweaks

Residents remain implacably opposed to having a battery facility on stilts in a flood risk zone in the middle of a village as the developers tweak their proposals.

File photo of residents objecting to a battery power storage system in Minsterley: Mike Davies, and Emily Hill, with her children Maisie and Rosie

The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) proposed for agricultural land north of Bath Mews, in Minsterley, near Shrewsbury, would keep electricity generated by renewable power systems for use at a later time.

Planning agents in submissions to the decision-makers at Shropshire Council have altered the plan to "reduce its impact" on the area and to "consolidate" the number of battery units from four to two.

Objector and nearby resident Mike Davies said: "They have shuffled it a bit, this is the fourth amendment.

"Everything seems to be a workaround. First it's pointed out that it is on a flood zone, so they put it on stilts. Then it's said that the view would be affected so they plan to plant more trees.

"They are meant to be the experts but they don't seem to have put their best plans forward in the first place and are pushing for what they can get."

Previously other plans have been turned down but Mr Davies said: "If it is declined, they can appeal but if a decision is made in their favour objectors can't appeal.

"We have to win all the time, they only have to win once."