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Shropshire brewery releases new gins and vodka

The team at a Shropshire brewery have launched their own gin and vodka as part of plans to grow the the business further.

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Alison and Shane Parr

After parting ways with Henstone Distillery in 2023, Shane and Alison Parr, from Stonehouse Brewery, installed their own 400-litre still and have now released a dry gin, strawberry and lime gin, and vodka.

"We learned a lot from distilling award-winning spirits at Henstone and have taken that experience forward to our own products," said Shane. "Our dry gin has a bright citrus and warming spice and is perfect for cocktails, and the strawberry and lime gin is jam-packed with sweet strawberry and perfectly balanced with tart lime - a perfect summer drink.

"The response has already been so good and four pubs in the area have chosen to take or gin and vodka so we are delighted."

Shane added: "We've got some big whisky plans in the future."