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Watch as 'Pipe Makers Army' marches in support of its loved community pub

They came in their droves to show their support for what a local landlady has done to turn a pub into a place where everyone goes - but which is set to close after a huge increase in rent.

Pipe Makers Army (Cadets) from left Adam Robinson, nine, Thomas Parfitt, aged nine, and Jake Thomas, eight

The Pipe Makers Arms in Broseley was doing a roaring trade on Friday as score upon score of local people marched up and down High Street to send a clear message to pub company Punch Pubs not to mess with their community.

It was also a show of support for other businesses in Broseley and marked a vote of confidence in the town and a thumbs up for traders. They marched with drums banging, shouts rising into the cold air down to the Duke of York, which has announced it will be reopening soon, and back to the Pipe Makers.

Pipe Makers Army (Cadets) from left Adam Robinson, nine, Thomas Parfitt, aged nine, and Jake Thomas, eight

And outside the Pipe Makers the large crowd was invited to give a thunderous round of applause for landlady Kerry Ford who has been forced to quit by a huge increase in rents.

Organiser Nuala O'Kane, who described herself as a Broseley resident who really cares about the town, said: "We have a vibrant high street and people who live in Broseley care for our community, what is happening just feels so unfair.

"We were having a coffee last Saturday and talking about this, when somebody said we should do something about this. We thought 'We are somebody, we will do it'."

Part of the crowd outside the Pipe Makers on Friday

What makes Nuala and others so proud of little Broseley is that it is a "complete community, where we care about each other and it is a friendly place," she said.

"We are marching to The Duke, which is also owned by Punch, and is reopening, and back to Pipe Makers to send a message," she added.

Bill Jermey, who has lived in the town for four years took pride in it being the only one with "no charity shops."

The town also proudly picked up Shropshire bragging rights when it was named the best place to live in the county.