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Lyfelinez team aim to help raise awareness of dangers of diabetes

A health and wellbeing brand, founded in Shropshire, has announced the launch of new life-saving kits designed to improve diabetes safety in the workplace.

Jake Hand, Kate Walker and Dave Hamlet

Lyfelinez has, in partnership with the Diabetes Safety Organisation (DSO), launched Diabetes Hypo Kits, which will be seen in the UK from April.

The kits will, the company said, provide 'a one-stop solution of training, awareness and management of emergency situations'.

"We are proud to partner with the Diabetes Safety Organisation and contribute to their mission of promoting diabetes awareness and management," said Dave Hamlet, CEO and Founder of Lyfelinez.

"Through this collaboration, we can make a meaningful impact by offering nutritional products specifically designed to support the needs of individuals with diabetes."

The partnership between Lyfelinez and DSO is rooted in a shared commitment to address the risks and challenges posed by diabetes as well as work hard to continue to raise awareness and provide education.

The DSO recognises the importance of supporting companies to provide access to emergency kits in the event of hypoglycaemic events.

With more than one million people taking insulin in the UK and 700 people being diagnosed a day with diabetes, they say there is a need for emergency kits in the workplace is evident.

As part of the collaboration, Lyfelinez and DSO will launch educational initiatives, projects, and campaigns aimed at raising awareness about diabetes management in the workplace.

"We are excited to collaborate with Lyfelinez, a brand that shares our commitment to improving diabetes safety," said Kate Walker, CEO for the Diabetes Safety Organisation. "This partnership will allow us to offer a solution to all workplaces across the UK, promoting diabetes awareness, safety and wellbeing."

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