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'Eureka moment' leads to Shropshire businessman's revolutionary invention to tackle sleepless nights

A Shropshire company which has created and patented a revolutionary intra-blanket aimed at preventing night sweats believes its new product can be a 'game-changer'.

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Charlotte Marsden, Lisa Rawlings, Sharon Hoult and Jo Groves, of Cool Embrace, with one of the blankets

Steve Rawlings and the team at Cool Embrace have invented, what they say, is a unique type of material to create a blanket that tackles sleepless nights through continuously dissipating heat and moisture away from the sleeper.

Inventor Steve, a visionary fabric technician in his 70s, was inspired to develop the product – also called Cool Embrace – after witnessing the challenges his wife Lisa felt after suffering a number of brain tumours, which led to problems with body temperature control, especially at night.

He believes the patented product can make a huge impact on women with menopausal hot flushes as well as men grappling with night sweats

“I cannot tell you what a difference this product makes to their lives” said Steve. “It is unbelievable and I am so pleased that God has given me the grace to create Cool Embrace.

"I produced this initially for my wife Lisa because of the condition she is suffering, driven by concern for her constant struggle with night sweats; triggered by early-onset menopause from a grade three brain tumour diagnosis in her late 20s.