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Prime drinks to be sold in Sainsbury's and Asda this week

People have been using a verified Twitter page called Prime Tracker to find out when and where they can get the popular drink – with supermarkets set to stock up this week.

Asda has limited customers to three bottles each. Picture: @Prime_Tracker

Twitter page @Prime_tracker, which has over 32,000 followers and is rapidly growing, announced on Monday morning (February 20) that Sainsbury's will be stocking up on the drinks tomorrow, but some Sainsbury's stores will be putting the drinks on the shelves as late as Thursday.

A notice from Sainsbury's read: "URGENT: Customer purchases of Prime Hydration drinks. We've been made aware of recent customer purchases of the drinks. They must not be sold until the official release date, Tuesday, February 21. Any stock on the shop floor must be removed immediately and stored in the warehouse until this date."

Prime Tracker advised their followers to call their local store before queuing, as some shops have been told to 'hold off' on restocking the drinks.

YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul's crazed creation is also expected to be stocked at some One Stop locations from the 26th, with more updates to follow.

Photos have emerged of large crates of Prime drinks in Asda stores, but the supermarket will not be giving out stock updates – presumably to avoid a flood of customers looking for the drink. At one point, they enforced a three-bottle limit to each customer.

Morrisons is yet to confirm dates, but a spokesperson said they are "looking to bring Prime" into stores soon.

The cost of the drinks can be anywhere between £2.25 (Sainsbury's) and £8 or over (some newsagents and online sellers).