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Telford residents urged to seek advice if January debts are 'spiralling out of control'

Support is available for those who have found debt mounting up in January, a Shropshire expert has said.

Dan Bebbington

The Wrekin Housing Group's Debt and Energy Manager Dan Bebbington says the period after Christmas 'can be a difficult one for many people'.

But he said now is the time for people to seek expert debt advice if they are struggling.

"This can be a difficult time as the impact of spending over the festive season becomes clear," he said.

"We’ve seen an increase in the number of people turning to credit or taking out unaffordable loans to pay for Christmas, with 'Buy Now, Pay Later’ deals also becoming very popular.

“If you’re now struggling with debt, the most important thing is not to panic and be prepared to face the issue head on.

“Keep tabs on your total outgoing payments which are going towards clearing debts and always make payments on time every month – even if it’s just the minimum amount to cover the interest.

“Try to settle the debts with the largest amount of interest first, as these are the ones that will be growing the fastest.

“If you think your debts are starting to grow out of control, then now’s the time to seek expert debt advice.

“Step Change, National Debtline and Citizens Advice all offer this service free of charge.

"Taking control of your finances can feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.”

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