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'The world is going mad!' Independent Shropshire sweet traders scoff at early Easter egg sales

Independent sweet shop owners in Shropshire have turned their backs on ordering Easter eggs early although they have already made an appearance on the shelves of major supermarkets.

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Supermarkets stocking Easter eggs before Christmas is over has caused consternation

Although it is only days since the traditional Christmas chocolate feasting began, already many shop owners face pressure from manufacturers to get their orders in early for eggs.

Dave Cole, the 58-year-old owner of Terrace Sweet Shop in Waterloo Terrace, Bridgnorth, said: "We are in our 17th year of opening and are a traditional sweet shop.

"We do not stock Easter eggs purely because we cannot buy them in at a cost price lower than those which are for sale in the supermarkets.

"If we could I would probably buy them because people just like chocolate eggs to eat at any time."

Lynda Williams, the 62-year-old owner of Momma Bears in Wilkinson Walk, Market Drayton, opened her shop on October 15 last year.

She believes it is far too early to think about Easter, although there are pressures from manufacturers to order early.

Lynda, who lives at Wollerton, said: "It is ridiculous when Easter eggs are around before Christmas.

"I will be thinking of sweets for Valentine's Day before I consider Easter.

"The world is going mad.

"There are pressures from manufacturers who want to know how many to produce and they are obviously touting for Easter business.

"Wholesalers want their orders earlier and earlier."

Justin Smart, the 58-year-old manager of Stan's Superstore at Overton Road, St Martin's, near Oswestry, said that major supermarkets tended to put Easter eggs out earlier just to fill their shelves.

He said: "We are not stocking Easter eggs yet.

"We did pre-order them in the summer and would normally take delivery in the weeks to come.

"We tend to put them out at the end of February after Valentine's Day. We sell a vast range of products and can fill our shelves.

"The major supermarkets put out their Christmas stuff in August and September - this is because they have empty shelves to be filled.

"I don't think it is to get sales but to just fill the empty space on shelves.

"Also, all the manufacturers and producers want their deliveries out as soon as possible."