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Plans for WeBuyAnyCar purchasing 'pod' at Telford supermarket

A car purchasing 'pod' could be added to a supermarket car park, if plans are approved.

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An example purchase kiosk, like the one proposed at Morrisons, Spring Hill, Wellington. Photo: Whittam Cox Architects / Telford & Wrekin Council

Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc has applied to build a sales kiosk for in the southeast corner of its Wellington branch car park.

A statement submitted on behalf of the Bradford-based retailer says members of the public will register to sell their vehicle and choose a convenient time to hand it and its keys over.

Wellington Town Council will be consulted about the application, which will involve changing the use of two parking spaces to accommodate the kiosk. Telford & Wrekin Council will make its decision at a later date.

Jacqueline Nesbitt, of Whittam Cox Architects, writes that the online car company “purchases vehicles from the general public as a quick, easy sale, offering customers an alternative to private sites”, and already has 140 “local purchasing points”.

“No cars are sold from the sites,” she writes.

“ branches only purchase cars, and all cars are taken off-site and sold at auction.

“There is a maximum of 10 cars on the site at one time. However, this is more likely to be four to six on a normal day.

“The sold vehicles will remain in a parking space until collection.

“The cars stay on site for a maximum of 72 hours, but normally a much shorter period.

“The prefabricated modular single-storey pod is constructed using high-quality, environmentally efficient, factory-controlled construction techniques.

“Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc would also add that offers a service which is highly valued by Morrisons customers and firmly aligns with their plan to bring more and more popular and useful services to the communities they serve. There is no disruption to their normal operation.”