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Charity gets on its bike to sell cycles

A charity more used to re-upholstering chairs is about to branch out into the world of cycling.

Simon Magill, warehouse manager, and Stefan Laird, carpentry workshop supervisor, at the South Shropshire Furniture Scheme

The South Shropshire Furniture Scheme is getting on its bike and is to start selling refurbished pedal cycles from its warehouse on Weeping Cross Lane.

The charity has introduced the move after being donated a large amount of cycling equipment and teaming up with industry experts.

Operations manager James Cooper said: “We are delighted to be able to offer bikes for sale as well as the furniture and other goods here.

“People who need transport could pick up a very high-spec bike for not a lot of money thanks to the donations and help we’ve received.

“We’ve built up quite a collection and will have both adult and children's bikes for sale.”

The charity has been donated parts by their partners Reviive and Ludlow’s Epic cycles and is offering 10 per cent off to start with, until August 31.

Volunteers have been trained in how to construct or repair a bike from parts under the charity’s commitment to helping local people gain self esteem.

“We have seen many people learn new skills in furniture restoration as part of the work that goes on in the warehouse, now it is time to offer something new for others who may be interested,” James said.

“We have been looking to launch the bike sales for quite a while now and we are delighted that we’ve reached the stage where we can now have them on offer.

“Cycling is such a positive activity as it keeps people fit but also helps people access employment opportunities if they are without a car.

“We want those who can’t afford to buy new to be able to access good quality, refurbished bikes at affordable prices.

“Any profits will help fund the charitable work of the Furniture Scheme.”

The Furniture Scheme has been supporting people in need in south Shropshire for more than 22 years and also runs the Renaissance shop on Tower Street, Ludlow, and the Charity Bookshop and CasCA in Craven Arms.