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Owners and their XL Bully dogs meet up at park to show 'lovely breed' amid large police presence

XL Bully owners and their dogs joined together in Stafford to show "what a lovely breed" they are.

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Owners Juan Coetzee with Rex, Keelan Hill with Rambo, Charlotte Roberts with Lola and veterinary nurse Helena Kemble with Lagartha

The rally was held at Wildwood Park on Saturday and there was a large police presence with officers reminding owners to keep their dogs on a lead.

The meet up at Wildwood Park in Stafford

Bully owners praised the breed saying they had "never had any problems" and hailed their nature as testament to their "good owners".

Keelan Hill, 21, who organised the meet up, said: "It is great so many owners and their dogs have turned up today and there has not been one problem.

"All these dogs are lovely because the owners are good people. The dogs are never a problem if they are looked after properly."

Keelan, who brought his six month old XL Bully Rambo, added: "The police told us if it was a Labrador get together they would never have come, but social media are giving our dogs a bad name."