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Cooking warning from Shropshire fire service ahead of Christmas dinner

With just a week to go until Christmas dinner, the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has shared a warning on cooking safely to avoid disaster.

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The SFRS shared a stark statistic, that more than half of all of the fires they attend are caused by cooking.

A statement said: "Distraction is the main cause of these fires, with pans and grills left to set alight."

The SFRS is encouraging people to 'look when you cook', and take pans off the heat if you have to leave the room.

If your pan does catch fire do not remove or attempt to extinguish it. Get out, stay out and call 999, the SFRS added.

The fire service also has given some tips on how to reduce the risk of fires in your kitchen this Christmas. They advise people not to use chip pans, and to use thermostat controlled electric deep fat fryers instead.

You should avoid leaving children alone in the kitchen whilst cooking, remember not to put any metallic items in the microwave, and ensure that any electrical leads and cloths are safely away from heat sources. The SFRS also advises not to drink alcohol while cooking.

Keep the oven and grill clean - a build up of fat and grease may catch fire - and avoid cooking while wearing loose fitting clothing. You should also avoid using matches or lighters to light hobs, and instead use spark devices.

And finally, when you are finished in the kitchen, double check that all the appliances are switched off.