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Hundreds get help with flour supplies in Shrewsbury

Hundreds of residents can now prepare meals using flour in lockdown after a project was successfully set up to tackle shortages.

Adam Fejfer is among the volunteers taking part in the flour distribution project

Liberal Democrats in Shrewsbury joined forces with the town’s food bank and a restaurant to secure supplies to distribute to disadvantaged residents struggling to find stocks for cooking and baking.

Party members filled the gap by buying flour in bulk from a wholesaler.

Caroline Newbrook, of Number 4 restaurant, in Butcher's Row, offered the facility for packing it into small bags which were then distributed to families by Shrewsbury Food Hub.

Meole Brace resident and Lib Dem member Bernie Bentick said flour was available, but supplies had been affected by a shortage of packaging for 1kg and 2kg bags.

"We're really pleased that the food hub and Number 4 came alongside to provide flour for the food bank to give out to the disadvantaged on account of poor supplies locally.

"Using cash donations from the party I obtained 300kg from a wholesaler and seven Lib Dems volunteered to divide it into almost 300 portions for distribution.

"We are very pleased to be able to help residents and to provide the flour to those who need it most," Mr Bentick said.

Families from the eastern European community were among those assisted.

Shrewsbury Food Hub manager Katy Anderson said it was delightful to be involved in the initiative.

"Flour has been really scarce, but interestingly not because there is a shortage, but because so much of it was packed in bulk for the catering industry. So this donation was really welcome.

"Our volunteers collected the flour and delivered it to our parter groups including schools, a food bank and a youth association. All the groups are pleased that they can offer their community the opportunity to bake. The youth service and the refuge enjoyed making cakes for VE Day," Ms Anderson said.

Shropshire councillor for Quarry and Coton Hill, Nat Green, said: “It’s fantastic that so many people in Shrewsbury want to help out during the current Covid-19 crisis. We are pleased to have found another area where we can make a contribution to meeting people’s needs.”

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