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Probe launched as hunting dog 'mauls pet cat to bits'

A family pet was mauled to death by a hunting dog and police are investigating whether it is a criminal matter.

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Rosie the cat, who died after being attacked by a hunting dog

The Albrighton and Woodland Hunt has since apologised for the actions by its dog and has opened its own investigation.

Helen Keyzor came home to Norbury Junction and was met with tragedy.

She said: “When I came back in my neighbours came around to tell me my cat Rosie had been killed.

“They said they had seen a hound that was running around come into the garden and mauled her to bits.

Rosie the cat

“She didn’t stand a chance. We have had her since she was a kitten 15 years ago and didn’t expect her to die in such a horrible way.

“I feel like the hunt should have more control of its animals.

"I keep ducks and chickens too, and it was very frightening to know a hound had been running loose around Norbury.

“I have always been anti-hunting and find the hunt with their pack of dogs very intimidating as they charge through our village and countryside.

“It’s worrying how they can just leave behind a hunting dog without noticing it was missing.

“I don’t think they realise how frightening it is.”

Neighbour Joyce White said she was working when she saw the commotion between Rosie and the dog on Tuesday evening.

She said: “The hunt was going through the village, there were people in the road on horses.

"I noticed one dog had gotten into the garden with the cat and there was a fight.

"Afterwards the cat was taken away."

Helen said she has spoken with a representative of the hunt who apologised, and has also been in touch with police.

Rachel Smedley, spokeswoman for the hunt, said: “The Albrighton and Woodland Hunt met in Norbury on Tuesday. An elderly cat was bitten and injured by one of our hounds.

"Despite the efforts of hunt members to save it, the cat passed away before it could be taken to the vets.

"At the time of the incident the owners of the cat were out. The owners were visited early the same evening and we apologised unreservedly for this distressing incident.

"The Albrighton and Woodland Hunt meets at least twice a week from September through to March and such incidents are extremely rare. The hunt will be investigating this matter thoroughly in order to prevent any future occurrence.

"Once again the hunt apologises to anyone affected by this incident, especially the owner of the cat."

Police spokesman Tony Evans said: "Staffordshire Police are currently investigating a complaint by a member of the public, regarding a recent incident of a cat being killed by a dog, in Norbury, Staffordshire.

"We are currently following up several lines of enquiry, to establish whether any offences have been committed."