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100 passengers left stranded at Telford Railway Station

About 100 passengers were left behind at Telford Railway Station after their train turned up with just two carriages –and no room on board.


Peter Hawkins had been travelling from Telford to Birmingham and says he was forced to wait for 50 minutes for the next train.

He said the London Midland service he had intended to get turned up packed full, leaving around 100 people behind at Telford Railway Station during rush hour on Friday.

He then intended to get on the next Arriva service from the station to Birmingham, but said that was also full.

Mr Hawkins, who had been visiting his parents in Telford, said: "London Midland and other companies seem to think it's acceptable to say that they don't have enough trains. Get some more. But they won't, because it's more profitable to treat commuters like cattle.

"Presumably the train companies don't count passengers who are left behind. So on their records all they will have is a train that ran five minutes late, rather than one that wasn't even fit for purpose."

He has since issued a complaint to London Midland.

Francis Thomas, of London Midland, said: "We are always sorry when our passengers journeys are disrupted. The issue on Friday night was due to a number of Arriva Trains Wales services being cancelled which made our trains extra busy."

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