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Watch: Shrewsbury movie star Poncho officially the world's oldest parrot after celebrating 90th birthday

Like most old ladies she can be a bit grumpy in the morning and tends to have a fair temper - and this particular 90-year-old is also a bit of a diva, having starred in a number of Hollywood films alongside the likes of Jim Carrey.


So all the stops were pulled for Poncho's birthday, with cake, balloons and streamers as well a numerous gifts and cards from her adoring fans.

While many pensioners have slowed down as they reach their milestone birthday, the green winged macaw shows no sign of curtailing her exploits.

She has starred on the big screen alongside the likes of Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy and Glenn Close and is officially the world's old parrot.

But she still enjoys terrorising staff at the Shrewsbury pet shop where she now lives out her retirement.

Happy birthday! Emma Small, manager at Becks Pets and Exotics, with Poncho the 90-year-old parrot

Emma Small, manager of Beck's Pets an Exotics on Ditherington Road, said: "She does keep us on our toes. She helps herself to stock, she took a particular liking to a nice dog bed which she put her beak through so we couldn't sell it, she chases staff when they annoy her or get too close and she will make a mess of her area when we have cleaned it. Then she just laughs to herself. She has got a great sense of humour.

"She is officially the world's oldest parrot according to the Guinness Book of Records," said Emma 29.

"We know she was kept by three generations of the same family in America and that is where she started her film career.

"I think that being in the same family and the stability that brought to her life is part of the reasons she has lived so long.

"She does love to know what is going on and isn't really that keen on change and new experiences. For example she can be quite grumpy with people until she gets to know them. Then she is really loving but, if they are new, it takes a while for her to trust them."

Poncho came to the UK in 2000 when she was used to film scenes in 102 Dalmations. The veteran of hit films including Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Doctor Doolittle was deemed to be too old to return to America once filming had finished.

The bird was owned by Birds and Animals Unlimited, which provides creatures to both Warner Brothers and Universal.

But she was handed over to Rebecca Taylor, mum of the shop's owner Sophie Williams, as she knew someone from Birds and Animals.

Her Hollywood career included appearances in 1994 comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which starred Jim Carrey as a zany investigator who goes in search of a missing dolphin mascot of a football team.

And she popped up in another animal film four years later, as Eddie Murphy took on the role of Doctor Doolittle for a remake of the 1967 movie, which was based on the books by Hugh Lofting.

Poncho was in front of the cameras for the final time in 102 Dalmatians, which starred Glenn Close as Cruella de Ville in a live-action sequel in 2000 and made $183 million (£113 million) across the world when it was released.

"She is a lovely old girl and we are really looking forward to celebrating her birthday," said Emma. "We have decorated the shop with balloons and streamers and people have been designing birthday cards for her too. We have got her a little present and we have made her a parrot friendly birthday cake."

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