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Telford: Conservative Lucy Allan wins seat from Labour

Conservative Lucy Allan was the surprise result of the night as she won  in Telford – ending David Wright's 14-year reign as MP for the constituency.


Conservative Lucy Allan was the surprise result of the night as she won in Telford – ending David Wright's 14-year reign as MP for the constituency.

It was the final Shropshire seat to declare for the night - and one that Labour activist at the count at Telford College of Arts and Technology had feared since earlier in the night.

Candidates for 2015:

  • LUCY ALLAN (Conservatives) 16,094

  • Denis Allen (Ukip) 7,330

  • Ian Phillip Croll (Liberal Democrats) 927

  • Peter Robert Hawkins (Green Party) 930

  • David Wright (Labour) 15,364

  • Turnout 61.78 per cent

Results from 2010:

  • DAVID WRIGHT (Lab) 15,974

  • Tom Biggins (Con) 14,996

  • Phil Bennion (Lib Dem) 6,399

  • Denis Allen (Ukip) 2,428

  • Phil Spencer 1,513

  • Labour majority 978

  • Turnout 63.6 per cent[/breakout]

Ms Allan was elected by a majority of 730, receiving 16,094 votes.

She beat of competition from Mr Wright, with 15,364 votes, Denis Allen for UKIP with 7,330 votes, Ian Croll for the Liberal Democrats, with 927 votes and Peter Hawkins for the Green Party who picked up 930 votes.

The turnout was 61.78 per cent, with 40,875 votes cast.

After the count, a gleaming Ms Allan said: "I was told Telford was totally unwinable there was a well respected, well like MP here who had been in his seat for three Parliamentary terms so it was not an easy one but I feel it was that hard work and determination that is the ethos of Telford which has shone through.

"I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who was part of what is a very unexpected outcome for Telford and people who have put their trust in me and I will not let them down.

"I want to make clear I will represent everyone in Telford, those who did not vote for me, or at all, or voted for David Wright or for UKIP.

"I will continue to be visible and continue to be the MP I have shown I could be."

She said she would look to defend the A&E department at the Princess Royal Hospital and work to improve Telford's connectivity.

After the result was declared, Mr Wright delivered an emotional farewell speech to the people of Telford - but immediately refused to speak to the press.

He said: "It has been a huge privilege to be MP for Telford, it has been an incredible experience and I have been very, very proud to do the job for 14 years.

"In life sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some and when you lose them you have to go with grace. I hope Lucy will represent us well in Parliament.

"If life is like a book for me the page is turned tonight and a new chapter starts for me.

"It has been a great journey for me and I am going to go and do something else and I look forward to going forward and seeing you again as just David Wright."

Labour activists at the count were visibly nervous before the count and will be concerned about holding their Telford & Wrekin Council seats when the votes are counted today.

Mr Allen said: "I am little disappointed with the result.

"Going around the housing estates in Woodside and Brookside the difference between the 2010 and 2015 election is the amazing number of people who said they would vote for me.

"I was pleased with the reaction on the doorstep and perhaps it had given me higher hopes than it should have done."

Mr Hawkins said: "It is a good night for the Green Party but a bad night for Great Britain.

"Locally we have been getting a good response but it's always about whether that translates into votes or not."

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