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Watch: Shropshire firefighters in warning on dangers of exploding e-cigarettes

A warning about the dangers of exploding e-cigarettes has been issued by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, after the devices have caused more than 100 fires nationwide.


Fire chiefs have released graphic film footage of an e-cigarette being engulfed in flames after an incompatible charger overheats.

Officers tested a standard e-cigarette being charged with a non-standard charger, which burst into flames after just 35 minutes.

Group Commander Guy Williams, in charge of fire prevention at the county fire and rescue service, said an increasing number of e-cigarettes are exploding because they are being charged with non-standard chargers.

He advised users to never leave a charging device unattended and to unplug it immediately after use. He said people should only use the charger supplied and not to mix components from different e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have caused more than 100 fires nationwide, resulting in one death but fortunately there have been no reported incidents in the Shropshire area.

In the West Midlands a young mother had to flee her home with her two young sons as flames engulfed her bedroom after a charger burst into flames, while a 62-year-old man from Merseyside died last year after a charger in his bedroom exploded, igniting an oxygen tube.

Fire officials believe many accidents have been caused by users not using compatible chargers sold with their devices, meaning too much current passes through the batteries causing them to overheat and explode.

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