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Hunt takes a bizarre turn onto busy Shropshire road

It's not a view you see every day – a huntsman on his horse trots along a busy dual carriageway in front of startled motorists.


Traffic on the A5 in Shropshire was forced to slow down as two men rode their horses either side of the road trying to retrieve hounds from the road. At least one of the dogs appeared to be injured and was taken away.

The unusual sight was captured on camera by one driver, who was travelling from Wrexham at the time and pulled into a layby because he was worried about safety.

It is not known which of Shropshire's hunts were involved in the incident, which happened just near Shrewsbury close to one of the roundabouts on the town's bypass at about 3.30pm on Wednesday.

He said: "I was surprised to find one rider in red hunting clothing was riding south along the northbound verge or nearside lane, while another rider was on the southbound lane among the traffic. It was certainly an unusual sight.

"At least one, possibly two hounds were on the road. The drivers of several cars and lorries had to brake but as far as I am aware no accidents occurred.

"It must have been quite hairy for drivers particularly of the lorries, coming off the junction and encountering the horses.

"It could have been a much more serious incident had one of the horses been spooked by the vehicles."

Another driver, Peter Leigh, also saw the huntsmen on the carriageway. His wife, Carol, said he also saw somebody retrieving dogs from the carriageway.

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