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Ownership row over collapsed Ludlow town wall

Discussions are continuing over who owns the part of Ludlow's historic town wall which collapsed 18 months ago.


Confusion still surrounds who is responsible for repairing the section behind St Laurence's Church.

Shropshire Council said in a statement the situation was "complicated" and discussions were taking place about who owned the collapsed section.

The hold-up has led to Ludlow north councillor Andy Boddington launching a stinging attack on Shropshire Council over the situation.

He accused Shropshire Council of "doing nothing more than talk about who is responsible for the costs".

The 30-foot stretch behind St Laurence's Church collapsed in a residential street on Upper Linney on February 18 last year – destroying a parked car and leaving a repair bill which could end up reaching £1 million.

Councillor Boddington said: "Ludlow still has some of the most complete town walls in England, yet 18 months after a section of the walls collapsed, all that has happened to repair them is nothing. This is a disgrace.

"There are signs the temporary measures to stabilise the wall are failing. Sandbags propping up the structure have split and should have been replaced months ago. Human bones have appeared on the exposed edge of the graveyard, though they are now covered by sheeting.

"I am angry Shropshire Council has done nothing more than talk about who is responsible for the costs."

A Shropshire Council spokesman said: "Discussions are continuing to take place about the ownership of that particular section of wall, which is a complicated situation. In order to move things forward, we are proposing to undertake a preliminary archaeological and environmental survey in the near future."

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