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Bridgnorth classic car firm fights unfair dismissal claim

An award-winning Bridgnorth classic car restoration firm has opposed a legal claim for unfair dismissal by its Jaguar parts manager who was sacked after being accused of offering a personal contract to a contact over a car panel.


Kevin Reid was alleged to have breached the trust and confidence of Classic Motor Cars Ltd of Stanmore Industrial Estate, Bridgnorth by offering the contract.

The firm's managing director Nick Goldthorp told Birmingham Employment Tribunal in a statement that his firm was formed in 1993 and was one of the world's leading restoration firms of classic Jaguar cars.

Mr Reid, who is now living at Dudley, made legal claims against his former employers for unfair dismissal and breach of contract after accusing the firm of failing to carry out a full investigation into the situation.

The tribunal was told that restoration work on a Jaguar E Type Roadster had been delayed for the want of a panel.

Mr Reid who had been employed by the firm for two years, was accused offering a personal contract to a customer in America involving the panel.

Mr Goldthrop said Mr Reid should not have made the offer and breached the company's trust and confidence by doing so.

The contact had previously brought in £200,000 worth of business to the firm, said Mr Goldthorp in his statement.

Mr Reid said restoration work on the car was two months behind schedule and said he had done what he could to carry out the work on time.

The respondents said Mr Reid was suspended and eventually dismissed for gross misconduct although he denied the "gross" allegation.

He said he had expected to be disciplined or even demoted, but not dismissed.

"They over re-acted – they wanted me out," he said.

The tribunal was told that Mr Reid had already been given a warning after taking a holiday, allegedly without authorisation.

Tribunal judge Miss Nina Choudry said she would make a decision at a later date.

Mr Goldthorp said in his statement that his firm was granted a gold award in 2011 by the International Historic Motor Awards for the standard its restoration work.

Mr Reid said after the hearing that he now had another job as a mechanic.

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