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Shropshire huntsman Otis Ferry in attack pay-out

Shropshire huntsman Otis Ferry has agreed to pay thousands of pounds in compensation to two female hunt monitors he attacked seven years ago as they sat in their car.

Otis Ferry

Ferry, Joint Master of the South Shropshire Hunt, admitted a public order offence after he and fellow hunt supporter John Deutsch subjected the women to the ordeal in 2007.

Both pleaded guilty to affray, although they denied earlier charges of assault and robbery, which were later dropped.

A court heard the women, Helen Ghalmi and Susan Grima, who were following the Heythrop Hunt, in Gloucester, were overtaken by a vehicle driven by Deutsch.

He then got out, smashed the passenger side window and shouted abuse at them.

Ferry, 31, a guest rider with the hunt that day, allegedly joined in the attack, before Mrs Ghalmi claims he attempted to pull her out of the car, and snatch her video camera and keys.

The pair were ordered to each pay a £350 fine.

But the women pursued a civil claim against the men, after saying the fine did not "reflect the gravity of the offences and the terror and trauma they had suffered".

Ferry, son of rock star Bryan Ferry, finally agreed to an out-of-court settlement just hours before the court hearing in Brentford County Court, in Middlesex.

He was heavily criticised by a judge for his, and Deutsch's, conduct during the case, which has dragged on for four years after the conclusion of the criminal matter.

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