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Farmer fears end of landmark 'Lonely Tree'

It has stood for generations, but now the Lonely Tree is no more – a victim of the storms which lashed the region earlier this week.


The scotch pine has been standing proud on the border between Shropshire and Powys.

People living in Llanfyllin are now desperately trying to investigate whether the tree can be saved.

Llanfyllin County Councillor Peter Lewis, whose family owns the land where the Lonely Tree stood, said he would do what he could to salvage it.

He said: "The tree has come down and I have had so many calls from people asking what had happened.

"The winds were just unbelievable and unfortunately it brought the tree down.

"I am going to have a look at it and see what can be done but I am not sure if we can save it.

"Everyone from this area knows about the Lonely Tree and we get lots of requests every year from people around the world asking to come here and spread their loved ones' ashes around it.

"It was a really important landmark and a lot of people are upset it has gone.

"The soil around it is sodden and with the strong winds as well, the tree came down.

"It is a historical part of Llanfyllin and so important to many people.

"Llanfyllin has been hit hard and power has been off for a while. I have seen Scottish Power on the other side of the valley working to restore the power."

One resident June Williams said: "That tree has been there for about 200 years and it so sad to have lost it because it has part of the landscape and legend of Llanfyllin.

"The tree is a big landmark and it is so sad to see it gone. The storm has been terrible in Llanfyllin and the power went out on Wednesday.

"Traffic on the High Street came to a standstill because the slates were coming off the buildings."

Meifod farmer John Hughes said the recovery was today starting in his area – and there were preparations for more storms today.

He said: "I have never seen anything like it and I am 55. My neighbour has said the same thing and he is 82. We have had a roof barn blown off and another barn is so badly damaged it looks like a tank has gone through it. We have a generator going."

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