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Group launches bid to save Shrewsbury's Quarry swimming pool

A new campaign group has been launched to save Shrewsbury's swimming pool as talks continue about knocking the centre and replacing it with a pool elsewhere in the town.

Protesters at the Quarry Swimming Pool, Ray Holliday, Chris Archibald, Simon Atkinson, Pete Beasley and Nick Richards

The group has been set up by swimmer and local doctor Nick Richards who said he was concerned that any potential replacement site would not have the same standard of facilities as the existing pool.

Shropshire Council has confirmed it is looking into the possibility of demolishing the current Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre to make way for a five-star hotel.

While a replacement leisure centre would be built elsewhere in town, Dr Richards said that he was concerned any new pool would be "insufficient" to serve the town. And he feared the current four pools and children's paddling pool would not be replaced.

Dr Richards, medical director of Telford Occupational Health Service, said that the campaign group would like to see the current leisure centre refurbished instead of being replaced.

"I do expect that our support group will rapidly enlarge when more people and local organisations realise that we are actively campaigning to keep the Quarry pool and hopefully refurbish it," he said.

"My colleagues and I have used the Quarry pool for very many years and we have noted that recently the running and financing of the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre has been undertaken by Serco.

"We believe they are doing a good job," he added.

"It is the largest swimming and fitness centre in this area of the West Midlands.

"Yes, it does need some renovation and a lick of paint, and it is not an attractive building, but it is very functional and well used by the local population.

"As a local doctor, I do strongly believe that the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre is needed more than ever to help our younger generation, plus working adults and older citizens of Shropshire, to feel safe in the water, as well as fit and healthy. Many of us believe that if the Quarry pool is demolished and replaced, it is likely that we will only get one 25 metre pool at even greater expense, which will be insufficient for the varied needs of our growing local population."

Earlier this week, it was announced a separate action group would be set up to seek the views of swimmers about the potential change of location. That group has been established following a meeting between Bernard Wills, chairman of Shrewsbury Masters Swimming Club, and Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski, who is seeking foreign investment to help fund the new hotel and leisure centre plans.

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