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MP calls for five-star hotel at site of Shrewsbury swimming pool

A five-star hotel could be built on the site of Shropshire's Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre, it was revealed today.

Shrewsbury swimming pool

Shropshire Council announced last month that it was on the hunt for a developer who could bring a top class hotel to the economy of Shrewsbury.

Today MP Daniel Kawczynski has called for the site of the current Quarry leisure centre to be used – and the council has admitted that it could be an option.

"I feel very strongly about The Quarry," Mr Kawczynski said. "That 1970s swimming pool is a travesty for The Quarry and such a central part of Shrewsbury.

"The site is completely out-of-keeping with the whole spirit and aesthetic of The Quarry, and it needs to be knocked down and replaced with a brand new hotel and leisure complex. If I were a foreign investor and had the chance to do that, I would look at it in a very serious way."

The council's head of economic development, Mark Pembleton, said: "We have looked at lots of sites, but the Quarry is interesting as we have the swimming baths there, but they are not really ideal for the 21st century.

"We have other sites where the pool could go, but it's not the only site in Shrewsbury."

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