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Shrewsbury music shop defiant over sign threat

The owners of a former independent music shop in Shropshire have taken down the majority of a window sign left as a parting shot to Shropshire Council when the business closed.


Officials from the County Music Supplies shop in Wyle Cop, have removed most of the sign after being informed that the council was planning to enforce the removal of the words.

But while most of the original message has gone, some words still remain in place.

The original message, which was put up last month after the shop was closed, blamed high business rates, town centre parking charges and 'over-zealous' traffic wardens for the decision to close.

"Due to increasing costs, high rates, and the morons who make Shrewsbury's parking policies and the wardens that enforce them making our customers lives a misery, we have decided to withdraw our business from the high street," the sign read at the time.

But while most of the original message has gone, the words 'morons', 'wardens' and 'misery' still remain in place.

A spokesman for the shop said today: "We have been notified this morning the council is sending a team to enforce the removal of the window sign."

No one was available from Shropshire Council to comment today.

But a spokesman previously said the council did everything it could to encourage people to shop in the town centre.

At the time Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones said: "We have worked very hard to encourage people to shop in Shrewsbury town centre."

It is the latest store to depart the town centre following on from the music shop is TK Maxx.

The high street chain store moved out of its two-floor shop in the Darwin Shopping Centre and has now relocated to a bigger store on the Meole Brace Retail Park last week.

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