Lembit Opik hospitalised in wrestling debut

Former Montgomeryshire MP Lembit Opik was hospitalised after being beaten to a pulp in his full wrestling debut.

Lembit Opik hospitalised in wrestling debut


Former Montgomeryshire MP Lembit Opik was hospitalised after being beaten to a pulp in his full wrestling debut.

In an event attended by the world's media, the reality TV star appeared at Welshpool Town Hall on Saturday in front of hundreds of wrestling fans. He had teamed up with Iestyn Rees to take on 18-stone Kade Callous and Bison Brody.

But a side-crunching slam and a choke hold ended Lembit's bout early, with the 20-minute match ending about 15 minutes in.

Mr Opik had only been in the ring for about two minutes when the referee called time.

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The 47-year-old was taken away by members of Llanfyllin St John Ambulance on oxygen with suspected broken ribs. Mr Opik said following the bout that he had been 'destroyed'.

He said: "Kade Callous is a bully. He destroyed me and I am very sore. I think I need to think about what I am doing in future, because I think I may have gone a step too far this time.

"Kade choked me and kneed me in the ribs. I think I have broken two of them.

"I can't say whether I will ever do this again because it is not funny. He is a bully and he hurt me."

Callous hit back at Mr Opik, saying he shouldn't have faced him.

He said: "The guy is 13 stone and a politician. He has no business coming into the ring with a guy like me.

"He didn't even have the good grace to respect my profession and get training at a wrestling school. He was a liability to me and my health, his own health and the spectators' health. He's been taught a mighty lesson and I hope he doesn't want to fight again, because I will put him in hospital again."

Mike Breeze, of Rainbow Records in Welshpool which helped promoter Alan Ravenhill, said: "It was the best show we have seen in Welshpool in my 35 years."

He added: "It was a full house and Lembit did really well. Everyone has been shaking me and the wrest-lers by the hand to say what a great show it was and we will be back in seven weeks.

"Will Lembit be back on the bill? It is too early to say, but I hope he is well soon."

Graham Davies, from Newtown, said: "It was really good. Lembit played his part well."

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