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Matthew Panter: London Marathon heroes might even inspire me to make running return

I blame my left knee. It’s always been trouble. More of a menace than Dennis, a bigger minx than Minnie.

Competitors cross Tower Bridge during the London Marathon.

The right knee, we have had our moments but, touch wood, it is more sturdy and can handle pain better. However, I blame the left one for my decision to stop running.

I loved cross-country running at school. While you could hear the murmur of discontent amongst some classmates at the prospect of a long run through a stretch of Aston Park near my school, or a few laps around the rugby pitch, I always found it enjoyable.

I wasn’t the number one distance runner in our year group but could more than hold my own. A solid performer – an 8/10 – and it could be nice to while away the time, thinking of what I might have for tea that night, or dreaming of a rare midweek win for my beloved Baggies.

My running continued at university. I even got a bit quicker, racing to the student union bar, with the prospect of beer, on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

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