Samuel L Jackson’s de-aged Captain Marvel look based on The Negotiator

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He plays Nick Fury in the year 1995.

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson has revealed his de-aged appearance in Captain Marvel is based on his 1998 film The Negotiator.

The actor, 70, reprises his role of Nick Fury in the new superhero film set in 1995 – and de-aging technology, which was also used on Michael Douglas in the Ant-Man films, was used to make him appear 20 years younger.

He told the Press Association: “I knew that they were doing it and we were looking at my faces from the 90s in different films so I think that I one chose, and pretty much the one they used, was The Negotiator.

Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson in 1998 (PA)

“We talked about it and all the different films that they had to choose from that time period.

“I knew that there are a lot of facial expressions they can use from Danny Roman (his character in the film).”

Jackson said he did not find it strange to see himself looking so much younger on screen, adding: “I watch old movies of mine all the time, if I’m channel surfing and there’s nothing else on and there is a movie on I stop and watch. I stop and watch Die Hard (With A Vengeance) all the time.”

Discussing going back in time with his character, who meets Captain Marvel when she returns to Earth, he said: “It’s kind of easy to be a guy who has never met an extra-terrestrial, although I don’t know that I haven’t, I’ve met some crazy people in my life that said they were from places.


“I met people in other places who said they had been abducted by people. If you’ve ever been to New Mexico you’re going to meet somebody who tells you they’ve been abducted, that’s what happens in New Mexico.”

He added: “I understand it, I’ve been on a highway alone by myself in New Mexico and something flew` across the sky and stopped above my car and made me stop and go like ‘Oh no, not really, please, not tonight’.

“It’s kind of sitting there and then just goes away and you drive away as fast as you can because you don’t want it to come back.

“There is an air force base out there and they test stuff and I think they just do stuff to mess with people’s heads when they are on the highway out there late at night in New Mexico because they are just long flat expanses of road.”

Captain Marvel is released in UK cinemas on March 8.

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